Wedding Services – Colorado

The ceremony that joins two lives together is one of the single most important events in life. The love, hopes, joy, and values that are shared in wedding and commitment ceremonies are both universal and personal. Your wedding or commitment ceremony will be most memorable if it is personal, and reflects who you are as individuals and as a couple. Your ceremony can be as traditional or as original and individualized as you would like. Symbols and rituals can be created anew or chosen from a wide range of religious and cultural heritages. I will work with you to design a ceremony, which beautifully expresses the uniqueness of the partnership that you are creating. Each step of the way, you will review the content and various possibilities for the vows, readings, music or poetry. It is your choice, your voice, and your ceremony! We will work together to create the ceremony you want, do a rehearsal (I recommend that you do a rehearsal), and then on the day of your event, I will be responsible for the smooth flow of the ceremony. After the event you will be presented with a beautiful keepsake.

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