Resources for Wedding Planning

Once I am clear as to the specific nature of your ceremony and your personalized needs I can make recommendations about musicians, planners, sites, florists, bakers, caterers, videographers, and other professionals.

Pre-marital Counseling
I do not require premarital counseling for the couples I am officiating for. I do have a counseling background, and certainly can recommend premarital counseling to work through unresolved or emerging issues that are difficult to navigate.

Alternatives to Wedding Showers or Bachelor Parties
In times past, members of the community would gather with the betrothed in order to prepare them for the Marriage and the ceremony. Times, norms and mores have changed. What has been lost though is the opportunity for women to support the bride to be and men to support the groom to be. Many times I have heard the bride or groom speak about the challenges faced when they or long time friends or relatives had conflicts due to a lack of preparation for the marriage

I offer retreats for men and my wife Tara offers retreats for women.

The retreats can be an evening, a weekend day, or a weekend. The purpose is to allow the friends and relatives that matter most, to all together prepare for the changes that will take place as a result of the marriage. Since everyone will be affected, everyone needs to prepare. The Retreats provide an engaging, meaningful opportunity to reflect and appreciate on the present and the past as well as to anticipate and support the changes that are about to occur. When the transitions are held consciously by those that matter most to us, the ceremony and the life that follows are truly enriched and blessed.

Please contact us to speak to me or my wife about a men’s or women’s retreat.

I have contacts in the different cities and towns in our service area. If you would like to receive free engagement photos, please contact us for the photographer nearest your home.

Healthy Weight Loss
All of us want to look our best for the important day. As a result many brides and grooms go on “crash diets”. Often the weight comes off, but some type of illness results. Or the weight starts to come off and a plateau is reached.

I recommend consulting a professional to find out what dietary plan would work best for you. Contact Tara for a free initial consultation. Tara is a Registered Nurse and has extensive training in Nutritional Health Counseling. She is very knowledgeable about all aspects of nutrition and health.

Marital and Partnership Counseling
All of us encounter life challenges. There are times that the challenges may be exposed or expressed in the marriage or partnership. Most of the challenges can be weathered. However, occasionally they test the structure of the relationship. If you or someone you know can benefit from counseling, please consider calling for a confidential conversation. All of us need support at some points in our lives.

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