Frequently Asked Questions

I’d like to address some of the questions that you might have as you think about planning a ceremony. Of course, these questions may trigger additional questions, and I will be happy to answer any and all of them when we speak.

What should I expect from a celebrant?
A celebrant is the presenter and communicator of your feelings in a ceremony. You should feel comfortable when you speak to a potential celebrant for your ceremony. The celebrant should be professional and be able to show you that he/she has understood what you have said about what you want for your ceremony. The celebrant should be clear about what he/she can offer you, how he/she will work together with you, and should put it all in writing with the cost for the celebrant’s services. A contract should be supplied.

What should a contract include?
Your contract should clearly state the date, time and place of your ceremony and the fee that you have agreed to pay. It should also make clear that you have the final say over the content of the ceremony. The contract should also include details of the ceremony requested; whether a rehearsal is to be included, the time of arrival of the celebrant and any items which the celebrant will need to supply (for example, a sound system or podium).

How do you work with us to create a ceremony?
I listen very closely to the words and the meaning that you use to describe your feelings and what you want in the ceremony. I will ask questions and offer a few ideas as we converse to make sure that your wishes are fully understood. I will research readings, poetry, and rituals that can enhance the meanings that you have in mind. After that, I will write an initial draft of the ceremony and give it to you for your review and comments. I will do as many drafts as necessary until you are happy with the result. You have the final say!

Each ceremony is different. I will work with you to achieve an affordable ceremony. Before we proceed you will know exactly what the cost structure will be. The fee structure is based on the complexity of the design, and how much time is anticipated from the start of working together to the completion of the ceremony. But there will be no surprises.

Do you have any suggestions for us before we call you?
Yes! Write down any questions that come to mind. Please do not be afraid to ask any question at all, even if you might think it is a “silly” question. Most people have not worked with a celebrant before, and so might not be sure about what should be asked. You can relax about this—no question is foolish!

Do you do anything after the ceremony?
After the ceremony, I will provide you with a keepsake copy of your ceremony.

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