March-April Couples Workshops


                            A WORKSHOP FOR COUPLES


A Doorway to Deeper Intimacy:Challenges and Conflicts in Relationship

March 23rd – 7-10 pm  in Denver, Colorado


April 14th1-4 PM Boulder , Colorado

  April 27th 7-10pm    Denver, Colorado

All couples face challenges. The foundation of your relationship is the effort and work in
the face of those challenges. Taking time to focus purposefully on your
relationship is a prerequisite for a stable and thriving partnership.

Join us for an evening of exploration into the inevitable conflicts we face in relationship
and how they are a bridge to greater intimacy and happiness!

Learn how using the struggles in your relationship as a guide to something greater leads
to a vibrant and alive relationship!

This workshop is for anyone who is in a committed relationship that wants to take
their relationship to a deeper level of understanding and intimacy.

Led by
Tara Welles RN, BSN and Nick Meima MS

Cost is $60.00 per couple

For more information or to register- call 720-524-3664 or e-mail Tara and Nick at









































    Challenges and Conflict            in Relationship













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