My Personal Ceremony

Ceremonies mark passages and honor important milestones in our lives. By creating time and space to mark the meaning of an event or a life transition, we acknowledge the need to recognize what has either been completed, what needs to be embraced, or something that lies before us. By inviting our friends and loved ones to mark these occasions with us, we allow them to offer us their love, wisdom, support—but also to strengthen our connections with them.

The healing power of ritual can enhance joyous occasions, as well as ease painful transitions. Ceremonies such as weddings, commitment ceremonies, blessings, and openings are to celebrate and share love and new beginnings. Ceremonies also help us to join and bond when we have experienced a loss—as in funerals, memorials, and divorce ceremonies.

We will work together to make your ceremony exactly as you want it. As a trained Celebrant I offer you a wide range of experience and resources. I specialize in offering all types of ceremonies: weddings, engagements, renewals, betrothal ceremonies, commitment ceremonies, same sex unions, funerals and memorials, divorce, healing, closure ceremonies, graduation celebrations, home and business opening blessings, retirement celebrations, and ceremonies marking any other significant passage and transition you are encountering.

You choose the style of your ceremony that reflects your beliefs, values, and personality. (For example: religious, interfaith, spiritual, non-religious, simple, and casual traditional, elaborate).

Please contact me to discuss your specific needs and circumstances for officiating your ceremony.

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